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A native San Franciscan, Kay is a wife and mom living in the Bay Area. A busy mom of 5, Kay keeps it moving is an understatement. Her passion for design and entrepreneurship started at a young age. At 12 years old, Kay learned to sew by her mom and she also started a stationary business with her middle school BFF. With a degree in Business and Master’s in Ed Tech, she side tracked from her love for fashion to become a tech professional for Fortune 100 companies. Yet, she knew she was not doing everything that she loved to do.

Kay launched SquaredCharm, in 2015. She began by selling mud cloth pillow covers on Etsy and at local fairs and markets. Now she has pivoted into uniquely designed duvets, pillow covers and tablescapes with a cultural flare! Her love of giving back through supporting other small business, Kay buys directly from mud cloth fabric vendors within her community to continue the circulation of community dollars.

If you are a mom, an interior designer, or a decor enthusiast, SquaredCharm is here to brighten your home decor!