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What Size Pillow Insert Will Fit My Pillow Cover?

Creating the perfect look for your space can be challenging, especially when it comes to pillows. You want one that fits your room aesthetics, without overdoing it. Pairing the correct pillow covers you already have with the right pillow insert can help change your entire room.

Understanding Sizes

Pairing pillow covers with pillow inserts can get tricky. One thing to remember is that you do not want to use the same size measurements as your pillow cover. If you do, your pillow cover will be under stuffed and appear frumpy. Additionally, the pillow will not look right in your room.

Instead, you will need a pillow insert that is bigger than your pillow cover. This decision will create the fluffy, cozy look you are going for. How much bigger the pillow inserts need to be varies by size, but the general, you want 1 to 2 inches larger. This is because pillow covers are measured along the inside seams.

At a certain point, around 24 inches, the ratio changes. At this point, you will want pillows 3 to 4 inches bigger than your pillow cover. The increased mass will help you get the perfect filled loop for your cushion while still maintaining a choppable appearance.

Pillow Cover Size

Pillow Insert Size

Square under 17”

Size up 1 inches

Square between 18” and 20”

Size up 2 inches

Square between 22 and 24”

Size up between 2 and 3 inches

Square over 26”

Size up between 3” and 4”

Rectangle 12”x18”- 12”x 24”

Size up 1 inches

Rectangle 14”x 36”

Size up 1 to 2 inches


Pillow Insert Materials

Of equal importance to your pillow cover is the pillow insert. The most common pillow inserts are made from a mix of down and feathers. This creates the unique feel of the pillows, and neglecting this choice can result in a room you don’t love.

The most common pillow insert material mix is 95% feathers and 5% down. This blend has a firm density. However, some people find the number of feathers off-putting since they may work their way through the cover.

The ideal ratio for decorative pillows is 90% feathers and 10% down. This bland provides both support and flexibility. The option maintains its shape well as you rearrange the room and will likely hold up well over time.

Another good ratio is 75% feathers and 25% down. This is the softest option that will still serve a decorative purpose. However, a higher percentage of down means a higher price overall. You may also spend more time fluffing the pillows.

Finding the Right Combination

Finding the right combination of pillow cover size and pillow insert will get you the pillow aesthetic that will tie your room together. You should measure your pillow covers and inserts carefully for the best look in addition to choosing a pillow insert blend that suits your needs.

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