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How to Add Color to Your Living Space

Are you tired of your interior’s boring or plain colors? Want to jazz things up a bit by adding a splash of color to some of your rooms?

If you’re like the majority of the planet you might have spent more time at home over the last few months than you ever have before. You might, therefore, be ready for an easy home makeover to enhance the look of your neutral interior and give it a more vibrant feel.

In this article, we’ll give you some useful tips about quick and easy ways to add color to your living space in just a few hours. Sometimes, all it takes to glam up a home is a bit of imagination and some determination ;) Ready? Let’s dive in!

Inject some color with pillows

To jazz up your neutral living room and add color, patterns and texture to your kitchen or bedroom; add a few colorful pillows, cushions and throws. Make sure the colors you pick work harmoniously together and complement the walls well, as well as the furniture.

SquaredCharm decor elements pillows, throws, and accesories.
Throw pillows and cushions can be used in your bedroom to add interest and style. Mixing it up with different sizes and shapes and choosing hues that work well with your bedding and decoration styles, will definitely upgrade your bedroom.

Cushions in your breakfast nooks or on your table chairs are a great way to refresh the look of your kitchen too.

Adding some throws and decorative pillows to your couch can also complement your living room space and give it the splash of color it needs to look fabulous.

Accessorize your walls

Do you feel like your walls are a bit bare? Hanging a few bold art pieces throughout your living space is an excellent way to add some focal points to your rooms and inject some life and personality to your neutral living space. From wall hangings to colorful vases and other decorative accessories, dressing up a plain or boring interior doesn’t need to be complicated. Another thing you can do to combine art and functionality is to hang a colorful accent mirror on one of your plain walls or even paint it so it matches perfectly the hues of your new vibrant interior!

Add a few bold lamps

To inject some personality to your plain interior, purchasing or revamping a few lamp shades with bold colors can make all the difference between boring and exciting. To really emphasize on a vibrant yet sophisticated look in your living space, think about purchasing a couple of matching flank lamps. They’ll spice up your space and give it a stylish vibe. Colorful sconces can also dress up your bare walls while working harmoniously with the rest of your decorative pieces. 

Dress Up Your Doors 

Although door handles and doorknobs are a very important element of our home, they’re usually overlooked when it comes to styling our interior. Imagine a plain white door dressed up with a colorful doorknob? It would immediately make your door stand out a bit more and enhance your room decoration. Better yet, imagine colorful and harmonious door knobs throughout the whole living space! Handles and knobs are an easy and quick trick to implement if you want to turn your neutral space into a colourful sanctuary. Another thing you can do is paint the door panels with matching or complementary hues. Your doors will stand out against your neutral walls or furniture and immediately inject some personality to your space.

Invest in Drapes  

Do you feel like your entire living space feels too boring and needs an upgrade? Drapes are a wonderful and easy way to add a dash of color to your rooms and glam up your space. Not only can bold colorful drapes become a feature of your room and turn it into a vibrant space, but they can also help emphasize nice architectural details such as the skirtings on your walls for instance

Spice Up Your Bedding

Want to re-energize your bedroom the easy way? After all, striking bright colors are known to affect our mood for the better and provide us with the energy we need to power through the day. Choose bold bedding colors and matching decorative accessories such as cushions and throws to turn your bed into a feature and upgrade the look of your bedroom.

We hope this article provided you with some inspiration and gives you the confidence that you can achieve a vibrant yet sophisticated interior feel with just a few tweaks and in just a few hours.

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